Top HR Consulting & PEO Firms in Nashville

Are you a business owner or HR leader in the Nashville area looking for various types of HR support? HR support and consulting can range from a few hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Here is a fast breakdown of the types of services HR consulting companies provide and a quick definition of each.

We’ve also reviewed local and regional Nashville-based providers below so depending on what you’re looking for, we can point you to the right provider.

Need HR Infrastructure

For small companies, you sometimes need the basics to get started. You need an employee handbook, pick payroll provider, onboarding forms, and basic compliance in different states.

Need Monthly Ongoing HR Advice

For small companies, you can’t hire a full-time person for HR but you still have HR needs. Every month certain things have to happen such as payroll getting run, reports being submitted to each state, HR compliance questions, and someone to help onboard and offboard employees. There are HR consulting companies to help you with this.

You Want to Outsource HR Projects

You may have one-off projects like a strategic hire you want to outsource, or you want someone to build a training program for your company. There are hundreds of types of one-off projects that may need to be accomplished where you need a training consultant.

You Want to Outsource All or Portions of HR

Some companies decide not to hire HR people as they grow. Instead they outsource all or certain functions of their HR. This can happen in a lot of different ways but thinks like payroll processing, benefits administration, recruiting, and the HR hotline can all be full outsourced or certain functions can be outsourced. Everyone is still hired as an employee of your organization, you just don’t need actual W-2 HR employees or you may only have one or two HR people vs building out an entire team.

You Want to Outsource to a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Many people are confused about a PEO and exactly what it is. At it’s most basic level, a PEO takes on employing all your employees. Your organization has little to no employees and everyone works for the PEO (but they still do tasks for your company). This usually has a per employee cost but the benefits are mostly reduced risk and better benefits than a small business can get on their own.

In this article, we aim to simplify this process by highlighting the top five HR outsourcing service providers and PEOs in Nashville and providing you with important tips to help you choose the best fit for your business.

Why Should a Business in Nashville Consider HR Outsourcing?

By outsourcing HR tasks to specialized firms, Nashville businesses can tap into a reservoir of expertise and innovative solutions, allowing them to focus on growth and competitiveness in this vibrant market. To give you more reason to consider HR outsourcing, here are some of the key benefits:

  • Access to Expertise: Outsourcing HR provides access to a team of professionals with specialized knowledge and experience, ensuring that complex HR issues are handled competently.
  • Cost Efficiency: It can be more cost-effective than maintaining a full-time, in-house HR team, especially for businesses with a fluctuating workforce or those not large enough to justify a full-time HR staff.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Professional HR services stay abreast of changing labor laws and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated legal costs.
  • Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing HR allows business owners and their teams to focus on core business activities, driving growth and innovation.
  • Improved Recruitment and Retention: Expert HR providers can enhance recruitment processes and employee retention strategies, ensuring businesses attract and keep the right talent.
  • Scalability: As a business grows, its HR needs change. Outsourced HR services can easily scale up or down, adapting to the business’s evolving needs.
  • Enhanced Employee Development: With access to the latest tools and resources, outsourced HR can offer better training and development programs, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Streamlined Processes: Outsourcing standardizes HR processes like payroll, benefits administration, and performance evaluations, leading to improved efficiency and consistency.

Top HR Outsourcing Firms & PEOs in Nashville

As businesses in Nashville continue to grow and evolve, the need for efficient and effective human resource management becomes increasingly critical. To aid in this essential aspect of business operations, we’ve curated a list of the 5 best HR outsourcing services in Nashville.

1. Nashville HR

Phone Number: 615-498-4504
City: Nashville, TN

A key player in the HR sector, Nashville HR stands out for its comprehensive services tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. With expertise in HR audits, partnerships, and on-demand solutions, they excel in optimizing workforces and increasing profitability, ensuring businesses have a solid HR foundation.

Key Features of Nashville HR:

  1. HR Audit: Offers a comprehensive review of HR policies to ensure organizational compliance.
  2. HR Partner: Provides experienced HR professional support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR director. This includes compliance with state and federal laws, handling employee relations, and overseeing various HR functions.
  3. HR Project: Specializes in managing one-time HR projects from start to finish.
  4. HR On-Demand: Allows easy access to HR guidance through phone calls or virtual meetings for immediate assistance.


Nashville HR offers a variety of HR services with flexible pricing structures tailored to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Their pricing model includes both fixed rates and prorated options, ensuring that businesses of various sizes can find a suitable and cost-effective HR solution.


  1. Cost-Effective: Offers HR services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time HR director.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Provides a wide range of HR services, from compliance to employee relations and performance management.
  3. Expertise: Led by Laura Camp, with nearly 20 years of human resources experience, ensuring high-quality and knowledgeable service.


  1. Limited Physical Presence: As an outsourced service, they may not have a constant physical presence in the organization.
  2. Scalability Concerns: While cost-effective for small to medium-sized businesses, the pricing model might become less advantageous as the number of employees increases significantly.
  3. Newer Company: Being founded in 2022, they have a shorter track record compared to more established HR firms.

2. Humani HR

Address: 311 Plus Park Blvd Suite 290

Phone Number:  +1 647-525-0867

City: Nashville, TN

Distinct for its fractional HR support and consulting services, Humani HR is dedicated to easing the HR management process for businesses across various sizes and industries. Their approach is customized and scalable, reflecting a deep understanding of diverse HR needs.

Key Features of Humani HR:

  1. Customized HR Solutions: Tailored services to meet the unique requirements of each business.
  2. HR Compliance Management: Ensuring adherence to HR policies and legal regulations.
  3. Strategic Planning and Execution: Active participation in both the development and implementation of HR strategies.
  4. Scalability: Services that can be scaled according to the size and needs of the business.


As with many customized service providers, Humani HR does not provide a detailed breakdown of their pricing structure publicly. The pricing is likely dependent on the specific services required, the size of the business, and the extent of support needed. Businesses interested in their services should contact Humani HR directly for a tailored quote.


  1. Flexibility: Ability to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs.
  2. Wide Range of Services: Comprehensive HR services from compliance to strategic planning.
  3. Experience Across Industries: Expertise in serving a diverse array of industries.


  1. Lack of Transparent Pricing: The absence of clear pricing information might be inconvenient for potential clients seeking quick budget assessments.
  2. Regional Focus: While they serve a broad area, their primary focus appears to be on businesses in the U.S. and Canada, which might limit options for international clients.
  3. Potential Overfit for Larger Corporations: Their specialized focus on small and medium-sized businesses might not align perfectly with the needs of larger corporations.

3. Principle HR Solutions & Consulting

Phone Number: 615-601-1658
City: Nashville, TN

Known for delivering executive-level HR services, Principle HR Solutions & Consulting excels in providing bespoke HR strategies. Their expertise lies in workforce optimization and risk reduction, particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking efficient HR management.

Key Features of Principle HR Solutions & Consulting

  1. Strategic HR Solutions: Includes leadership training, employee training, and compensation analysis and planning.
  2. HR Essential Services: Covers a broad range of services such as policy and procedure development, performance evaluation, FMLA tracking and management, and benefits coordination.
  3. Talent Optimization: Utilizes data-driven tools for job design, applicant evaluation, and maintaining employee engagement.
  4. Comprehensive HR Support: Offers additional expertise in areas like payroll, employment law, workers’ compensation, safety, wellness, and executive coaching.


Principle HR Solutions & Consulting does not provide specific pricing details on its website. They emphasize offering customized solutions, which suggests that their pricing structure is likely tailored to the specific needs of each client. To get a detailed breakdown of pricing for their services, it would be necessary to contact them directly.


  1. Customized Solutions: Tailored HR services to meet the unique needs of each business.
  2. Wide Range of Services: Offers a comprehensive suite of HR services covering strategic, operational, and compliance aspects.
  3. Expertise in Various Areas: Provides additional support in payroll, law, safety, and other related areas.


  1. Lack of Transparent Pricing: Absence of detailed pricing information might be a concern for businesses looking for immediate budget estimates.
  2. Focus on Small to Medium Businesses: Their services might be more geared toward smaller enterprises, possibly limiting their appeal to larger organizations.
  3. Regional Limitation: As a Nashville-based firm, their physical presence and in-depth knowledge might be more relevant to local businesses.

4. Genovations HR

Address: 401 Center Street, Nashville, TN 37138
Phone Number: 615-880-6805
City: Nashville, TN

Launched in 2018, Genovations HR brings a fresh and innovative approach to HR and accounting. Their services are marked by a strong commitment to personalized solutions, integrity, and excellence, catering to businesses seeking creative and effective HR strategies.

Key Features of Genovations HR

  1. Organizational Development: They provide strategic consulting to enhance business efficiency, growth, and risk minimization.
  2. Onboarding Processes: Genovations HR streamlines the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  3. Policy Creation: They assist in developing well-crafted company policies that protect the company and empower employees.
  4. Compliance Evaluations: The firm performs detailed evaluations to ensure businesses are compliant with the latest requirements and policies.


  • HR Member Access:
    • Member Access Only
    • Price: $35 per month
  • Bronze Tier:
    • Add-on options available
    • Price: $99 per month
    • Includes up to 30 minutes per month
  • Silver Tier:
    • Add-on options available
    • Price: $199 per month
    • Includes up to 60 minutes per month
    • Up to 2 hours per month
  • Gold Tier:
    • Add-on options available
    • Price: $259 per month
    • Includes up to 60 minutes per month


  1. Customized Service: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each business.
  2. Wide Range of Services: From strategic planning to policy development and compliance evaluations.
  3. Core Values: A strong emphasis on integrity, excellence, and transparency in their services.


  1. Potential Additional Costs for Add-ons: Businesses on a tight budget might find it challenging to manage these extra expenses, especially if essential services are not included in the base tier and require add-ons.
  2. Focus on Small Businesses: Their specialized services might be more suited to small businesses, potentially limiting appeal to larger corporations.
  3. Regional Focus: Primarily based in Nashville, which may limit their physical presence and in-depth local knowledge for businesses outside this area.

5. G&A Partners

Address: 100 Winners Cir N Suite 350

Phone Number: +1 615-608-4093
City: Nashville, TN

As a renowned Professional Employer Organization, G&A Partners specializes in comprehensive HR outsourcing for small to mid-sized businesses. They are noted for their customizable HR solutions, advanced HR technology, and adaptable services that meet the evolving needs of diverse industries.

Key Features of G&A Partners

  1. Customizable HR Solutions: They provide HR solutions specifically tailored to the needs of each business, including payroll services, health insurance, human resources management, retirement plans, recruiting, and more.
  2. Advanced HR Technology: G&A Partners offers robust HR technology supported by dedicated client service, helping businesses avoid time wasted on technology issues.
  3. Flexibility: The company provides HR consulting, expertise, and support that adapts with the growing needs of the business.
  4. Comprehensive Employee Benefits: They offer a benefits package that helps businesses attract and retain valuable employees, including automated, streamlined payroll services and top-tier, affordable benefits.


G&A Partners offers scalable and flexible human resources plans, including traditional HR outsourcing features and a co-employment model through a PEO plan. They create custom plans based on each business’s unique needs, therefore, they do not list pricing on their website. Interested businesses need to contact a representative for a custom quote. G&A Partners requires a minimum of 10 employees to be eligible for their services.


  1. Scalability and Customization: Their plans are scalable and customizable, which is beneficial for growing businesses or those with specific HR outsourcing needs.
  2. Expertise Across Various Industries: G&A specializes in industries like healthcare, skilled trades, manufacturing, nonprofit, and professional services.
  3. Comprehensive Service Offering: They provide a wide range of services from HR policy development to payroll and taxes, time and attendance, and employee benefits administration.


  1. Lack of Transparent Pricing: Absence of detailed pricing information online may be inconvenient for potential clients seeking quick budget assessments.
  2. Minimum Employee Requirement: Businesses must have a minimum of 10 employees to be eligible for G&A’s services, which could be a limitation for smaller businesses.
  3. No Mobile App: The lack of a mobile app for managing HR tasks on the go might be a limitation for some businesses, especially those spread out over several locations or for HR personnel who are constantly on the move.

6. Adams Keegan

Address: 210 25th Ave N. Suite 130 

Phone Number: 800-621-1308
City: Nashville, TN 

Adams Keegan delivers customized HR services, payroll, and compliance management to businesses of all sizes. Their approach is personalized, focusing on creating effective HR strategies that support business objectives. Knows for their operational excellence, they are a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance HR efficiency. 

Key Features of Adams Keegan

1. Personalized HR Services: Adams Keegan delivers customized HR, payroll, and compliance management solutions, precisely tailered to align with each business’s specific needs and objectives.

  1. Personalized HR Services: Adams Keegan delivers customized HR, payroll, and compliance management solutions, precisely tailored to align with each business’s specific needs and objectives.
  2. Service-minded Approach: Focused on understanding the unique requirements of companies and nonprofits, they aim to address challenges through a personalized and strategic approach
  3. Industry Experience: Boasting over 35 years of experiences, Adams Keegan specializes in efficient and scalable solutions, leveraging their deep industry knowledge to benefit clients
  4. Regional Presence: With a HQ in Memphis and offices in Atlanta, Dallas, and Nashville, Adams Keegan offers comprehensive services across a wide geographical area, ensuring accessibility and support for clients nationwide.


Adams Keegan customizes their solutions based on the specific needs, operations, structure, industry, and requirements of each client. This means they do not provide a one-size-fits-all pricing breakdown publicly. For details pricing information, Adams Keegan encourages potential clients to contact them directly to discuss customized solutions that best fit their needs. 


  1. Comprehensive understanding and support for businesses’ unique challenges and growth
  2. A mix of People+Technology solutions that value employee contributions and business needs.
  3. Regional reach with scalability to provide competitive pricing


  1. The extensive range of services may be more than is needed for a small business
  2. The businesses preferring software-only solutions may find a personalized service less appealing
  3. Don’t appear to have an inexpensive HR support only offering that many small HR consulting firms have

How to Choose the Right HR Outsourcing Service

Choosing the right HR outsourcing service in Nashville requires a thoughtful approach, considering various aspects that align with your business needs.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this decision-making process:

1. Packaging Options:

Start by reviewing the different packages offered by HR outsourcing providers. These packages can range from basic HR support to comprehensive solutions that include payroll, compliance and employee training. It’s important that you choose a service that not only meets your current needs, but also has the flexibility to adapt as your business evolves. Consider the scalability of the packages and whether they can keep pace with the growth of your business.

2. Range of Services:

Evaluate the range of services offered by each firm. Not every HR outsourcing company offers the same services. For example, if you are primarily looking for staff, you should make sure that the provider specializes in talent acquisition and recruitment. If your primary focus is employee training and development, look for companies that have a strong track record in these areas. Your goal should be to match your immediate and future staffing needs with the services they offer.

3. Support and Account Management:

The amount and type of support offered is crucial. Some companies offer local support, while others operate regionally or internationally. Check whether you have a dedicated account manager who can attend to your needs immediately. You should also ask about the availability of specialized support, such as access to employment lawyers or HR consultants to deal with complex situations or legal matters. The quality of support can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your HR functions.

4. Location and Accessibility:

The location of the HR outsourcing firm can affect your working relationship. Local firms may offer a more personalized service and be more familiar with the local business environment and regulations. On the other hand, national or regional providers may bring broader expertise and more resources to the table. Consider how important a local presence is to your business and whether you prefer face-to-face contact or remote collaboration.

5. Pricing Structure:

Finally, consider the pricing structure of the HR outsourcing services. Costs can vary widely, ranging from affordable monthly fees for basic support to larger investments for comprehensive HR management. Check your budget requirements and compare them with the offers of the individual packages. It’s important to find a balance between the cost and the value of the services provided to ensure that the investment contributes positively to the efficiency and growth of your business.


In summary, HR outsourcing is an increasingly strategic choice for Nashville businesses because it offers a blend of expertise, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By choosing the right outsourcing partner, companies can navigate complex HR landscapes, ensure compliance and drive growth. This article outlines the top 5 HR outsourcing services in Nashville and gives you key tips for choosing a suitable provider. Whether it’s cost management, access to specialized services or scaling operations, HR outsourcing is a flexible solution tailored to the diverse needs of Nashville’s dynamic business environment.


Can small businesses in Nashville benefit from HR outsourcing?
Absolutely, small businesses in Nashville can significantly benefit from HR outsourcing by gaining access to specialized expertise and reducing the burden of HR tasks, allowing them to focus on core business growth.

Does HR outsourcing improve efficiency for companies in Nashville?
Yes, HR outsourcing can greatly improve efficiency by streamlining HR processes, ensuring compliance, and providing expert support, thus allowing Nashville companies to operate more effectively.

Why is HR outsourcing a strategic choice for businesses in Nashville?
HR outsourcing is a strategic choice for Nashville businesses as it offers access to a broad range of HR expertise, helps manage costs effectively, and supports scalability as the business grows.

Is HR outsourcing cost-effective for Nashville-based companies?
HR outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for Nashville-based companies, as it eliminates the need for a full-time, in-house HR staff and offers scalable solutions tailored to business size and needs.

How much does HR outsourcing cost?
The cost of HR outsourcing varies widely, with packages ranging from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars, depending on the scope of services and the specific needs of the business.

What are the main types of HR services that are outsourced?

See the full list below, but major HR functions include recruiting, payroll administration, benefits administration, HR admin work, HR compliance, talent management, and training.

What size companies usually outsource HR

It really depends but here is the most common use cases

  • Under 20 employees: Can’t afford a full-time HR person and don’t have someone internally to handle HR. It’s also easy to outsource small projects like “build our employee handbook” or help with a one-off strategic hire.
  • 20-75: Might have a part-time HR person but they need more strategic help with areas such as recruiting, onboarding, talent management, payroll, and benefits
  • 75+ Employees – These companies are good candidates to outsource their entire HR department. That usually means they have one strategic HR person, potentially a recruiting department, and they outsource everything else instead of hiring more HR people internally.

What’s the difference between a PEO and HR outsourcing

  • In a PEO, the employees actually work for the PEO company not the small business. PEOs usually have a cost per employee per month but structurally the company doesn’t actually have W2 employees usually, they work for the PEO
  • With HR outsourcing the employees still work for the company but the HR outsourcing firm is helping them execute what’s needed for HR.

HR Services Regularly Outsourced:

HR Management and Admin Services

  • Termination processing
  • Promotion and transfer processing
  • New employee onboarding
  • New hire/rehire processing


  • Establishing corporate policy manuals and employee handbooks
  • Printing and distribution of compliance documentation
  • HR audits and full summary reports
  • EEO-1/VETS-100 reporting
  • Compliance assistance and response to formal HR complaints
  • Electronic I-9 file compliance audit
  • E-Verify services
  • Employment posters distribution

Strategic HR Services:

  • Performance management, succession planning, employee engagement consulting
  • Creating job descriptions on behalf of the company
  • State unemployment guidance (key strategy depending on the type of business)
  • Custom exit interviews for employees leaving the organization
  • Any type of project based consulting
  • General legal advice from an employment perspective (most have employment lawyers on retainer or staff)
  • Custom training projects
      • Compliance

      • Leadership development

      • Coaching

      • Harassment

      • Safety, etc.

  • Online employee training (compliance or otherwise)
  • Drug and background check process
  • Salary survey work to determine correct pay ranges by location

Payroll Services:

Payroll Processing:

  • Providing weekly summary for management to approve
  • Setup of payroll in HRIS/HRMS
  • Initiating payroll cycles
  • Calculating pay
  • Investigating and resolving calculation errors
  • Handling payroll audit issues
  • Schedule annual payroll calendars
  • Retroactive payment calculations
  • Special payment type processing


  • Submitting and approving deduction data
  • Inputting deductions 
  • Reviewing and resolving process errors
  • Providing remittance payment instructions
  • Arrears deduction processing

Payroll Files:

  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly commission 
  • Bonuses
  • Annual flex perk
  • Annual sick time 
  • Annual merit

Payroll Taxes:

  • Calculating and deducting federal, state, and local taxes
  • Preparing and filing payroll tax returns
  • Completing payroll regulatory reporting
  • Handling W-2 preparation and distribution
  • Processing tax adjustments/corrections
  • Handling tax withholdings on non-wage earnings
  • Handling unemployment insurance provider data files

Payroll Reporting:

  • Providing payroll operating reports
  • Offering ad hoc payroll reports
  • Providing employment and wage verifications
  • Handling new hire reporting
  • Multisite reporting


  • Preparing payment distribution
  • Processing direct deposits and print/distributing checks if necessary

Data Maintenance:

  • Submitting and approving employee record changes.

Benefits Administration Services:

Guest Services:

  • Handling employee and customer inquiries
  • First-line support for questions
  • Interpretation of plan designs and policies
  • Incoming inquiries management


  • Ongoing benefit enrollment and general assistance.
  • Annual enrollment

Event Change Processing:

  • Processing change-in-status events
  • ACA compliance reporting

Premium Administration:

  • Calculating monthly premiums
  • Reconciliation with carrier invoices
  • Benefits billing
  • Benefits billing for participants requiring direct payments


Ongoing Services HR Outsourcing Companies Can Provide

 Ongoing Service Delivery:

  • Any calls/questions made to HR

  • Managing and maintaining employee online records

  • Single point of contact for routine service requests

  • Corporate communications assistance

  • Setting up global notifications and HR process escalations

  • Ad-hoc HR reports

  • Maintain security access for system users

  • Updating job descriptions

  • HR action form assistance

  • Communication assistance with vendors

  • Tools and tracking for industry-specific reports

  • System training and tools for clients

  • Recruiting support (excluding sourcing and screening)

  • Rejection letters, disciplinary letters, and offer letters

  • FMLA/LOA administration

  • State unemployment compensation processing

This summary includes a wide range of HR and payroll services that HR outsourcing companies can provide to small businesses. The specific services you choose should be based on your business’s needs and priorities

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